Downey Engineering are a Sigfox development partner. 

Sigfox employs a proprietary technology that enables communication using the Industrial, Scientific and Medical ISM radio band  It utilizes a wide-reaching signal that passes freely through solid objects, called "ultra narrowband" and requires little energy, being termed a "Low-power Wide-area network (LPWAN)".  The network is based on one-hop star topology and requires a mobile operator to carry the generated traffic.  Thinxtra are the Sigfox carrier in Australia.  The signal can also be used to easily cover large areas and to reach underground objects.

The ISM radio bands support bidirectional communication. The existing standard for Sigfox communications supports up to 140 uplink messages a day, each of which can carry a payload of 12 Bytes (Excluding message header and transmission information) and up to 4 downlink messages per day, each of which can carry a payload of 8 Bytes.