In 2004 Dalby Town Council (Now Western Downs Regional Council), embarked on a project to supplement the Town water supply with treated bore water using a Reverse Osmosis Process. Rather than go with a “skid package” from inflexible vendors, they decided to have a customised plant built to their exact specifications.
Treating water from the Gil Weir and Dogwood Crossing. Process: Aeration, flashmixing, sedimentation, filtration, pH correction and disinfection. Downey Engineering responsibilities included: All PLC and SCADA programming and commissioning.
Downey Engineering has recently completed several large system upgrades to legacy PLC5 Hardware.
Controller for 108kW Heater Bank
In 2011, Sunwater were looking to replace and update a dated SquareD PLC Control System and custom built HMI with a new model PLC and SCADA system to control and monitor the Leslie Dam Spillway Gates. As well as Control System Hardware and Software, the tender also called for the replacement of customised control panel displays and instrumentation.
Defiance Maize Products are located in Warwick on Queensland's Southern Downs, where their mill processes maize products for human consumption.