Water and Waste Water

Efficient and effective control of water treatment processes are critical to the long term viability of these projects.

Our engineers and programmers have wide experience in this industry and understand the critical nature of the precise control and monitoring required. Downey Engineering has been involved in the design and implementation of control systems for a wide range of water treatment plants from self-contained, portable stations to more expansive, fully integrated systems.

Downey staff are involved in day-to-day operational support of municipal fresh and waste water treatment plants and have undertaken major, plant-wide upgrades of the control systems and HMIs at several treatment plants.

Case Studies

The Project

3 Fully Automated stages of Reverse Osmosis water treatment for the town of Dalby approximately 200km west of Brisbane. Three stages completed with three separate water contractors over a period of four years with all three plants fully integrated.

Water is filtered through multimedia filters and 5 and 1 micron filters before passing through the 2 stage reverse osmosis system. Approximately 20% of water is wasted in the concentrate stream along with the rejected salts, used for filter backwashing or sent to the evaporation ponds. Desalinated water is aerated to remove carbon dioxide in solution thereby improving the pH.

The Challenge

- Electrical Design, Program and commission a complete control system for the RO process with multiple contractors and the WDRC principal

- Interface with the conventional treatment plant and multiple bores whilst keeping town water supply on line.

- Ensure a high level of flexibility and documentation for ongoing plant performance.

The Solution

- Rockwell Automation “Control Logix” selected along with CitectSCADA.

- Full SCADA redundancy and paging system.

- Ethernet communications architecture established to cater for immediate demands and future expansion.

- Remote access for 24x7 support and diagnostics.

The Result

- Three stages of Process Automation successfully completed across several years.

- All plant start-ups completed on time and on schedule.

- The system held up as an example of innovative RO process control using treated bore water to augment rural water supplies.


Dalby, QLD


Dalby Town Council (Now Western Downs Regional Council)


2004 (1st Stage) - 2011 (2nd Stage)

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Water and Waste Water


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